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To reduce the amount of spam being sent through their network, BT have restricted access to their outgoing mail server so that, by default, only email sent from addresses using and, or a domain name hosted by them will be forwarded, or relayed.

This means that if you have bought a domain name from a company other than BT Openworld, you will not at first, be able to use it to send email through their servers. To get around this you need to apply for mail relay authorisation allowing you to send email from your domain name through their servers.

To add your domain to the mail relay list, please visit:

On these pages you will be asked for your username and password. They will then check the requested domain and associate it with your account - this process is usually completed within five* working days.

Please note: BT can only relay domains owned by your organisation, and are unable to relay other ISP domains (eg

*Due to high demand for this service, and the security requirement to manually validate each domain name, there may be additional delays for the completion of this process. Because of the high number of customers using the form, you may find that it does not display on your screen correctly - please try again later.

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