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16th May 2001

The Imagination Gallery South Crescent 25 Store Street Tottenham Court Road London WC1E 7BL

There will be 60 delegates attending the workshop from 30 Large Corporate/Government Agencies, including sessions from Visa International EU and the Office of Government Commerce. The majority of the companies attending are existing customers with mature Visa Purchasing programmes who will be represented by Senior Procurement Managers or Programme Managers.

Company Barclaycard has experienced demand from several of these customers to integrate commercial card payment with B2B eProcurement applications. You will find a list of the companies attending and an outline agenda ttached.

The objectives of the day are to:

  • To facilitate an interactive workshop sharing experiences and understanding customers strategies towards B2B eCommerce
  • To demonstrate to Large Buying Organisations that Company Barclaycard Visa payment solutions can be simply integrated into B2B eCommerce applications
  • To reassure/encourage customers who are considering using B2B eProcurement applications and Company Barclaycard products online to progress with implementation

We want to assure our customers, that if they choose your software applications and Company Barclaycard as their payment mechanism for some/all of their eCommerce transactions that they can do this today, with confidence and security.

In return, you may have the opportunity to talk with and possibly demonstrate your applications to key procurement or programme managers. It is unlikely that you will have time to fully demonstrate your product on the day; however we hope that you will make the most of this opportunity to position your company and establish contacts.

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