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eSterling are the complete online solution for your business and here's why...

eCommerce Solutions

We provide flexible and secure websites that provides everything you need to start an online store.

We provide the complete package from a beautiful web design, hosting and payment provider integration through to PCI compliance. We’ll help with getting all your product information into the website and if required provide full customisation and integration with internal business systems and accounts software. Every ecommerce website we build automatically excels at SEO and is designed for high-conversions and easy browsing.

eCommerce enables your business to be open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Our online shop software provides you with a powerful modern platform which allows the eCommerce website solutions we provide to be tailored to integrate with a current Product Database or built into a new website. With our simple admin panel you’ll get tools that enable simple content and product management together with easy order processing.

Supported eCommerce frameworks:

Call us on 0121 766 8087 or send us your brief and see how we can help with your eCommerce project.

Branding & Corporate Identity

We branding and providing a company with an identity.

The market research and target audience are vital during the birth of a new brand. eSterling provide a comprehensive brand design service which is not only stress-free but it is also a sure-fire way to enhance your reputation and first impression.

We speak to our clients – we ask questions which will open the door to a great design. It is vital the designer knows what messages the client wants to convey and together with a clear visual style eSterling always provide a stunning new corporate identity. The fact that we provide a one-on-one meeting with the designer who will be working on your new branding helps an awful lot – nothing is lost in translation. Using simple terms we are able to convey a clear vision for our clients.

"A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well."
Jeff Bezos - CEO of Amazon

Do you need an area where you can upload & download files for your customers? Filebank is about to make your life a whole lot easier!

Over the years there have been quite a few products we’ve added to our offerings but eSterling’s ‘FILEBANK’ really helps business’ fix an age old problem and does it in the most simplest of ways.

eSterling’s ‘FILEBANK’ system allows a business to host there own files and allows their customers access to certain files on that server. So for example, if one of your customers needed some marketing material, you would simply upload the relevant files, set up a new user and password, then send that information to your client. They will then login to your ‘FILEBANK’ system and download the files – It really couldn’t be any simpler.

You can store accounting information such as CSV files and Excel files. Marketing file types such as JPG’s, PNG’s, EPS’s and PSD’s are all supported too! Chances are, if you can host it, FileBank can handle it.

Call us on 0121 766 8087 or send us your requirements and see how FileBank can save your company money.

Responsive Flip Brochures

So you want to put your company's brochure online? You want it to animate on page turn and you want it to work on all devices? No problem.

The limitations of flash ‘flip’ brochures were such that they didn’t work on smartphones or tablets but thanks to some smart coding skills we can now offer our customers an animating ‘flip’ brochure which works on all devices.

Not only that but the product is streamlined so that we can quickly produce a 10-20 page online brochure within a few days which is not only helpful, it gives us the facility to meet even the most deadliest of deadlines! Using optimised imagery we can guarantee that your brochure will not only look great (on every device) but the loading time is pretty much non-existent too!

"An online brochure is a gateway to see how much importance the company place on being professional."

Imagine how impressed a potential customer will be if they can browse your company brochure on their iPhone or Android device?

Call us on 0121 766 8087 or send us your requirements and see how an animating online brochure can help your business.

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Content Management Systems

Control your website from anywhere with eSterling's content Management Systems

Our stunning CMS not only allows you to update your own content and imagery but also update image galleries, your products, prices and much, much more. We design CMS systems for websites that are fully tailored to your needs and business goals. Common CMS applications include:

  • Product Administration (adding text/ images/ PDFs to a product catalogue or eCommerce website)
  • eCommerce Order administration for your online shop
  • Maintaining customer mailing lists
  • Adding to and updating your website’s News Page
  • General editing of the content on your website
  • Product stock and inventory administration for your eCommerce store

We pride ourselves on our support and training our staff provide to all our websites and other services including eCommerce and Content Management Systems. We like the fact our customers are in the know. Whether we use Wordpress, OpenCart or Magento we have designed and built plugins and modules to improve the usability and power of the CMS.

Call us on 0121 766 8087 or send us your requirements and see how taking control of your website can save you money.

Superfast Cloud Hosting

Fast, daily back-ups, 99% uptime and FTP Access - They're just a few of the benefits of eSterling's Cloud Hosting.

There aren’t a lot of hosting packages that match eSterling’s range of hosting packages. we guarantee the complete service as well the piece of mind of knowing that all your website’s data is safe, secure and backed-up on a daily basis.

Our no-fuss approach to hosting takes all the stress out of choosing which package is right for you. You can be sure that if you have a standard 5 page brochure website or a large-scale eCommerce website, your data, content and imagery are safe and secure.

If you have an alternative hosting package we can build websites and web-apps to work on that platform too!

Call us on 0121 766 8087 or send us your requirements and see how we can solve your hosting problems.

eSterling Mail Hosting

Secure email hosting ensures your business emails are delivered on time and are always available to you wherever you are.

As with all our services, we tailor our solutions to fit your requirements. Whether you require a personalised email address, integrated tasks, contacts and calendar’s or access to eSterling WebMail we provide Email Hosting that’s right for your business. Our Email Hosting also allows you to set up your business email on as many devices as you want so you can be closer to your customers.

We also offer free set-up and a dedicated team of specialists to help you, should you need it. If you would like to find out more about eSterling’s Email Hosting, simply call us on 0121 766 8087 or send us an email.

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