Social Media Advertising

Could you business benefit from Social Media exposure?

People are using social media more than ever. Statistics suggest that people now spend almost 2 hours of their day using their social media accounts.

This makes social media advertising one of the most effective forms of advertising for getting your business in front of your customers.

Facebook advertisements and promoted Twitter posts have changed the way marketing works on the internet and if you aren’t making use of this, your business could be missing out on a lot of sales.

How can eSterling help?

eSterling can manage every aspect of your social media advertising and make sure you are communicating the right message in everything from boosted Facebook posts, promoted tweets and even sponsored Instagram posts.

We can use our expertise to develop a strategy works for you, making sure your advertising budget is used effectively.

We provide a simple login system which enables you to track our advertisement management and view valuable reports which allow you to easily see how your online presence is performing.

Don't know where to start?

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