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It's Easy to start selling online with Quidverts

Quidvert is a classified listing and auction website that allows you to advertise items, services, in fact anything online

Quidvert approached eSterling with an idea of making online auctions and classified ads affordable and available to everyone. Quidvert had no branding, site or online presence at all so eSterling built everything from the ground up.

With a free reign on the branding, our design team set about creating a logo which had to be universal, contemporary and customisable. On the left you will see a few rough sketches of the initial ideas our designers came up with.

After a few revisions the colours were next to be added. A vivid spectrum was the initial idea and with the right amount of tweaking we were able to produce a logo which rated very highly in the visual tests we carried out.

The logo hits the right mark with consumers and we were very pleased with the outcome. The logo is vivid on every platform whether it be full colour or black and white.

“As a start-up we were very particular with who we chose to launch the Quidvert brand. It’s early days but the website is performing well and the looks and ease of use give us a great starting point”

Khan Naweb - Owner

The Project

The fact that the website had to be so easy to use that EVERYONE could use it enabled eSterling’s development team to strip away any needless elements and concentrate on the core functionality. Simplicity was the order of the day and our devs really got stuck in.

The ability to manage your own adverts and auctions as well as a whole messaging system really allowed the devs to build an integrated system from the ground up. Our Lead Developer, Richard Locke explains it better:

“The size of the project was never the problem, the functionality from eBay & Gumtree in one easy-to-use website was the real test, but I’m pleased to say we came through it with flying colours.”

The listings and members area posed the biggest obstacles but once the wire framing was in place our Devs had a clear path and the whole project flowed from there. The fact that the Design & Development departments works extremely closely throughout the entire project, allowed them to liaise and confront all obstacles together.


Client Name Quidvert

Year 2014

Our Role Website Design & Development

See it live www.quidvert.co.uk

The Results

The analytics results have been amazing. Within the first 3 months the site had attracted over 7000 visitors and in excess of 400 adverts being posted.

Quidvert are hoping to roll out an American version within the coming year and after that the Europoean version will follow.

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