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eSterling were approached to redesign the existing website which was originally built by eSterling back in 2011. This was part of a joint venture which also included the design & build of a new digital campus.

The vision was to produce an online environment where members and guest users can explore and engage with a wide range of resources.

The original website had grown cluttered and the thin width of the website didn’t allow for a smooth process of information, so our designers set about producing a layout which enabled a more pleasing flow of information. Utilising the latest technologies our designers were able to display news items, blog posts, services and much more information in a more structured fashion. That, along with the new styling and visuals the design was agreed upon almost instantly.

“You guys have really done an amazing job with the two websites! You continually surprise us with how contemporary the designs are. The feedback we’ve had has been very positive and we’re all very excited with how they have turned out – Thanks!”

Morwenna Brett – Editor iRCO

The Project

As mentioned previously the initial vision was to create an online platform for members to have access to resources which are tailored to their personal tastes.

The first mock-ups created by our design team really opened the RCO’s mind as to what was achievable with this digital campus. The design allowed for reams of posts, events, playlists, job ads, video posts and much more, all contained within a beautiful framework. With some minor tweaking eSterling set about building the site and we decided that the blogging platform WordPress would suit the requirements as well as bespoke plugins to achieve the initial vision.

On the surface the website might look quite simple when looking it from a functionality point of view but there are some quite intricate nuances which each post must abide. Once logged in the website will remember what posts you have viewed so that the next time you’re on the website it will deliver content which matches your interests.


Client Name The Royal College of Organists

Year 2015/2016

Our Role Website Design & Development

See it live rco.org.uk


The Result.

Both websites rolled out January 2016 and the response has been nothing short of amazing. The redesign of the RCO website has really made a difference with new members registering in their droves.

The iRCO website has defined itself as the go-to website for all things organ related. The industry leading digital campus has managed to pull back ailing members and has managed to represent the organ world in a much more contemporary way.

The future is bring for RCO and we look forward to evolving the two websites of the coming years.

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