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Looking to grow your business online? Here at eSterling we create websites that increases your online visibilty, which helps you GATHER MORE LEADS and GENERATE MORE SALES.

Web Design Services

Utilising our 20+ years experience in the industry, our website designs covers a range of areas, some of which are mentioned below…

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our web design process.

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What do you get with our websites?

The following are what we see as ‘out of the box’ features that we provide on all projects we undertake.

  • Access to some of the countries leading Designers, Developers and Project Coordinators
  • Help & Advice throughout the build of the website to help maximise it’s impact and success.
  • Working with the latest technologies, our websites work and run perfectly on all devices - guaranteed!
  • You will recieve full training on your new website so that you are able to update/add pages as you see fit.
  • Once the new website launches the eSterling HelpDesk can help you with any questions/tips as standard.

The benefits of working with the team at eSterling.

We pride ourselves on our ability in finding solutions and meeting the targets set by our clients.

  • eSterling have been around since the late 90’s meaning we’re here for the long-term.
  • We’re a full-stack agency meaning we can handle small brochure websites as well as complex eCommerce builds.
  • We have customers that have been with us for 10+ years meaning we know how to be build relationships.
  • We’re also experts in all things SEO, from Digital Marketing to PPC - we know what works.
  • Our HelpDesk is our customer’s safety net and advice centre - We’re here every step of the way.

We're the perfect partner for any business wanting to grow online.

You can call us on 0121 766 4080 or you can email us by clicking here

most frequently asked
questions about our services.

How much do your web design services cost?
It may sound clichéd but it really does depend on your requirements. Our brochure websites usually start at £2,000. The pricing structure is based on the time it takes to produce a website which has both the functionality you require and goes beyond your expectation. As all of our websites come with a fully functioning CMS (Content Managament System) you are also free to amend and add content/pages as you see fit. We also supply free training and SEO advice all the way through the project.
How much does an online shop (eCommerce) cost?
Our eCommerce stores typically begin from £7,000 but much-like our brochure websites, it entirely depends on what you want the store to achieve and its functionality. The choice of frameworks has an impact too so for example WooCommerce is our entry level offering but for something a little more advanced we would recommend OpenCart. Our top-tier solution would be a bespoke Laravel build which would be tailored and built for your exact needs.
How long does a website take?
Depending on the size of project we normally try and complete our brochure websites within 12 weeks of receiving the order. eCommerce websites and the more technical sites can take longer but we find that the more responsive the customer is, the faster we can complete project. We can also source imagery, arrange photography and create the content for your new website so we really can contribute massively to your businesses online output.
Will my new website work on smartphones and tablets?
Out-of-the-box our websites are designed to look and work perfectly on all devices including, smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops including Apple, Android and Windows machines. Our highly skilled team of Front-End engineers have been crafting responsive frameworks for years and is second nature to these guys! The testing process is something that is constantly carried out throughout the build of all our new websites meaning there's never just one testing point - we believe in the art of testing our websites meaning you can be sure that when your new website launches it will wow your audience from day one.
Are there any other additional costs involved?
The only additional cost that you have to factor in is for a SSL certificate which is required for all websites. A website needs an SSL certificate in order to keep user data secure, verify ownership of the website, prevent attackers from creating a fake version of the site, and gain user trust. There are of course, add-ons we can supply such as hosting, mailboxes, SEO, maintenance contracts which serve to protect your website from viral attacks and provide that safety net some businesses may need. There are also other services like copywriting, sourcing imagery, photography and videography as well as drone footage that may incur additional charges but our order form will set out exactly what you are paying for as we prefer to be totally transparent from the off.
Do you outsource your website projects?
Every single one of our website projects are designed and built at our HQ in the heart of the creative quarter in Birmingham, UK. We pride ourselves on the ability of our staff to delivery websites that truly go above and beyond your expectation which are both delivered on time and in budget. We have never outsourced and we see no reason why we should start now.
Will I own the website once built?
Yes, your new website is your website!

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You can call us on 0121 766 4080 or you can email us by clicking here